Stress Relief From Massage in Cuyahoga Falls OH

stress relief from massage post-surgery recovery

One of the primary purposes that people visit a massage therapist is for relaxation and as a direct result, they experience stress relief in Cuyahoga Falls OH. While many people understand that decreasing levels of stress is important, they don't fully understand the negative side-effects of prolonged stress. The stress response was once a useful and beneficial mechanism to people. Long, long ago, when people were out hunting and gathering, the stress response was the only way that these people could detect and escape from predators, such as a bear in nature. This response would increase their heart rate, dilate their pupils, cause faster breathing, and release a number of hormones that assisted with their getaway. While once beneficial, today the stress response has become one of the biggest causes of sickness and disease are known to man.

Relieving Stress With Massage Therapy in Cuyahoga Falls OH

In modern times, the stress we face isn't a bear in nature but instead comes in the form of demands at work, paying bills, and passing classes at school. The problem is that these forms of stress don't go away which results in our stress response system working overtime. The effects of these high levels of stress have been shown to cause an increased incidence of depression, anxiety, ulcers, headaches, tiredness, loss of appetite, irritability, and a lack of ambition.

While some people have unfortunately turned to both legal and illegal drugs to cope with their stress there is another more effective solution, massage therapy. Many studies have been conducted regarding massage therapy and stress and the results have been very positive. One study showed that even a single massage aimed at relaxation begins to reverse the harmful effects of stress. This includes elevating the person's mood and energy levels, decreasing their heart and breathing rates, and stabilizing hormone levels such as insulin and cortisol.

While the health benefits of massage have become very evident, many people continue to put other activities in front of their own well-being. Integrating a weekly massage into your routine is easy to do and inexpensive when compared to the cost of managing the negative health consequences that typically result from elevated stress levels. Massage therapy at Cuyahoga Falls Chiropractic Clinic provides an avenue to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a gateway to healthy aging and peace of mind.

Summary of Massage Benefits:

  1. Balanced cortisol and insulin levels
  2. Decreased heart rate and stress on blood vessels
  3. Improved sleep and mood
  4. Increased energy levels
  5. Decreased muscle tension

In addition to stress relief, our massages have been shown to improve circulation, posture, and immune system function while decreasing the levels of pain and the incidence of headaches. Through a careful assessment and individualized massage, our therapist at Cuyahoga Falls Chiropractic Clinic has seen a general improvement in both mental and physical health.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits of massage therapy for stress, please contact our team at Cuyahoga Falls Chiropractic Clinic in Cuyahoga Falls OH today to schedule a consultation.

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